About Mike

A Heart for Minneapolis

Mike Winter was born and raised in the Nokomis neighborhood of South Minneapolis. There he attended St. Kevin’s Catholic School, serving as president of the student council and was a multi-sport athlete playing baseball, basketball, and golf. He chose to enroll at Roosevelt High School for his remaining four years and graduated in 1993.

Having a heart for entertaining, he attended college at Brown Institute and received a certification in Radio and Television Broadcasting - a passion he continues to build upon through entertaining thousands and starting his own business. In addition, Mike has followed in his father's footsteps and has been a union-proud member of the Teamsters Local 792 for five years, serving as a union steward for four of those years.

Mayoral Candidate Mike Winter is a father to a teenage daughter and is committed to leading the city into a safe, prosperous community where families can thrive. Watching the events of 2020 has only strengthened his passion and resolve for Minneapolis. He believes that his willingness to work with all people on the political spectrum through intelligent dialogue, along with his committed leadership to reducing crime, will put the city of Minneapolis back on a healthy path.

Not having a long and sordid political career is an advantage, and as your Mayor, Mike will be committed to working for his constituents. While Mike hasn't previously held public office, he does bring a strong work ethic, many years of leadership and negotiation experience as a union steward, and the courage to make the hard decisions. This foundation positions Mike to bring people together who may have oppositional points of view to the table for productive conversation.

Mike believes in the three R’s: Reduce, Re-energize, and Renew.

  • Reduce Crime: Introduce anti-crime measures to bring crime under control, including non-police enforcement measures.

  • Re-energize Business: Focus on Downtown business revitalization by partnering with businesses and the community to bring back money that has fled the city.

  • Renew Our Quality of Life: Work with the city council to provide affordable housing and quality of life. Mike will advocate for mental health, affordable housing, homelessness, and safe streets.

As a resident of Minneapolis, Mike Winter wants nothing more than to see his community thrive. He has and continues to take the time to listen to Minneapolis Residents. He is aware of the needs of the city and the actions we need to take so our community is safe and inviting for citizens, visitors, and businesses alike.

Minneapolis needs a hardworking, fearless leader. Mike Winter will be the leader that puts Minneapolis as the true North Star that it should be, abundant with business, education, artists, music, culture, and food. We can bring Minneapolis back; our beloved city - and our citizens - deserve better.

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