Independence-Alliance Endorses

Mike Winter for Mayor of Minneapolis

Minneapolis – On Sunday, the Independence-Alliance Party State Executive Committee conferred endorsement to Mike Winter (www.mike4mpls.com) in his race to be the next Mayor of Minneapolis.

Mike Winter was born and raised in the Nokomis neighborhood of South Minneapolis. There he attended St. Kevin’s Catholic School. He enrolled at Roosevelt High School for his remaining four years, graduating in 1993. Winter is a union-proud member of Teamsters Local 792 and served as a union steward for the past years.

Mike will be committed to working for his constituents and is pleased to have the endorsement of the Independence-alliance. “I am very happy to have found a political home,” said Winter.

“This election is a real inflection point for the city of Minneapolis,” said State Chair Phil Fuehrer. “Mike Winter’s focus on reducing crime and restoring quality of life to the residents of Minneapolis is what the city needs at this time,” he added.

Winter is running his campaign on the three R’s: Reduce, Re-energize, and Renew.

§ Reduce Crime: Introduce anti-crime measures to bring crime under control, including non-police enforcement measures.

§ Re-energize Business: Focus on Downtown business revitalization by partnering with businesses and the community to bring back money that has fled the city.

§ Renew Our Quality of Life: Work with the city council to provide affordable housing and quality of life. Mike will advocate for rent stabilization, mental health, affordable housing, homelessness, and safe streets.

The Independence Party of Minnesota affiliated in May 2019 with the nascent Alliance Party and altered its name to Independence-Alliance Party of Minnesota.

For More Information Contact:

Philip Fuehrer, IP State Chair

651-263-4793, StateChair@mnip.org

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