Minneapolis Vision


Reduce Crime, Reenergize Business, Renew Quality of Life

Reduce crime

  • Law Enforcement Updates

        • Increase the number of uniformed officers

        • Give residency incentives to police who choose to work where they live

        • Require regular training and mental counseling for all officers

          • Training in de-escalation tactics

        • Give access to crisis counselors and social workers

        • Have some police using beat cops, bicycles and horseback

    • Use alternative measures to control crime

        • Youth programming - explore the use of JR Cadet academies in high schools

        • Neighborhood Crime Watch groups

We need more police officers and reforms to the department. I would like to fully staff the MPD with officers that have been better trained in the art of de -escalation tactics, work more closely with our community, and ideally live within our city limits. Additional policing reforms should involve the use of more trained social workers and mental health experts to respond to calls that are not life threatening. I would like our officers to be more approachable, beat cops and policing on bicycles and horseback will go a long way towards reaching that goal.

Finally I would like to explore starting JR Cadet academies in our high schools so our kids can explore policing and form relationships with the officers.

Reenergize business

  • Focus on Downtown Minneapolis business revitalization

  • Provide incentives to keep commerce within the boundaries of Minneapolis

  • Continue to rebuild Lake Street

Renew quality of life

  • Tackle mental health

  • Instill civic pride


Executive Mayor-Legislative counsel

I am FOR an Executive Mayor-Legislative Council. I feel our current model gives too much power of the City Council and handcuffs the mayor on too many important issues.

Rent Control

I am NOT for a rent control ordinance. I think the city should be working with county and federal agencies to ensure affordable housing for all. In Minneapolis, we have a lot of unused commercial space that could be transformed into affordable housing units and/or housing for the homeless. I favor the Minneapolis 2040 Comprehensive plan for housing and would seek to remove restrictions on urban Infill which should reduce the total costs of building housing, thereby increasing the overall housing supply, while allowing the free market to respond to demand. Finally, I would seek to increase city Investment and partnerships with underutilized properties. This could include the purchase of homes In foreclosure and vacant lots and using partnerships to create both affordable rental units and "Habitat for Humanity"-style homeownership.

George floyd square

I think the plans for George Floyd Square should be up to the people that live and work in that neighborhood. As mayor, it is my job to implement what the people want, and that is exactly what I will do.


I am a believer In science and plan on continuing to recommend the vaccine and follow CDC guidelines. If a mask mandate was recommended by the CDC, then I would reinstate a mask mandate.


I support the good men and women of the Minneapolis Police Department who work hard every day and arrest alleged criminals who would make our beloved city an unsafe place. I will not tolerate any police misconduct. I was appalled by the senseless death of George Floyd under the knee of former officer Derrick Chauvin and I applaud the work of the prosecutors and the jury who delivered justice in this case.

Yet, I don’t support any plans to defund our police department. On the contrary, I am calling for a drastic increase in the licensed officers in Minneapolis, because I know that public safety is a building block for neighborhoods throughout the city. Law enforcement in our city is an extraordinarily complex situation that deserves careful thought and is so important to the heart of our city. I have a vision that involves fully staffing the MPD and providing reforms on how we train officers, as well as pushing for more police officers who are on the force to live within the boundaries of Minneapolis. I think a collaboration between city officials, the police force, and trained mental health and social workers, would allow us to approach situations from a de-escalation standpoint. Minneapolis police officers will be more approachable by reintroducing beat cops, bicycles, and horseback.

This is my vision for reforming the Minneapolis Police Department. If you have any suggestions, please reach out to me at info@mike4mpls.com or comment.

#1 - Reinstate the Community Board that the Chief used to report to (the DFL officials threw It out!)

#2 - Completely audit the MPD. There are way too many management positions and people doing 0.0.

#3 - Add to the union's CBA that the officers need to be out of their cruisers and walking a beat when weather permits. More bicycle cops.

#4 - Start an MPD cadet program in our high schools for kids interested in becoming cops someday - our peace officers should be role models instead of strangers!

#5 - Offer a discount of 3-5% on property taxes in the city for all city employees who live in Minneapolis

#6 - I do NOT support qualified Immunity. Every cop that breaks the law or violates a citizens' rights needs to be punished.

I support common-sense reforms to hold officers accountable for their actions and make it easier to discipline and fire officers who don’t uphold the standards of our community. I will always support the rights of citizens to peacefully assemble and protest, but I would’ve never ordered the police and fire department to abandon Lake St or any other part of our great city and allow it to be burned and destroyed like what happened in 2020.

Parks and Recreation

Growing up within Minneapolis, I have many fond memories of heading down to Minnehaha Falls with my friends on our bikes and enjoying everything that the park had to offer: beautiful lakes, paved trails, and public beaches. We are the envy of every major city! Lately, think our parks have fallen into decline. I recommend we change the city charter, and start appointing experts In the fields of botany, irrigation, and landscaping to keep our parks in excellent condition for generations to come.

Jobs and the Economy

The City of Minneapolis is the state of Minnesota's crown jewel. The magnificent hotels, restaurants, theaters and professional sports venues have suffered due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the terrible tragedy of George Floyd's death. I believe that what happens in the City's downtown area reverberates to the rest of the state. We need a chief executive that is aggressively selling our city to lucrative conventions and companies, so our city can move forward, instead of constantly apologizing and living in the past. With safe streets and new ideas on street parking, I think we can live up to our crown jewel status.

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